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Matt Crowe's First Blog! Fit People Are Happier!

February 26, 2018


So I am scouring the internet researching modern gym marketing techniques and I keep seeing the recurring theme of establish yourself as an expert, blog, put videos on social media!


Then it hits me! I am 47 years old and have lived and breathed health fitness my entire life so I can fairly call my self ‘experienced’. I have been a personal trainer for 27 years, owned two gyms for 15 years and understand the fitness industry well so I am ‘industry involved”. I have a degree in human movement and PT IV so I am ‘qualified’. I have conducted over 45000 sessions of personal and group training in the last 27 years as a full time personal trainer so even the greatest skeptic could grant me  ‘expert’ status. I have also played professional Rugby League , run 27 marathons, 75 triathlons, 100 + fun runs & adventure races, cycled across several countries and played A grade level at 7 sports so I think 'passionate' is also an apt description.  I am a veracious researcher and reader so that covers the ‘current and up to date’ component. To top it all off I love to write and am a completely old school black and white straight shooter so have no problem voicing an idea or opinion. 


So why the hell haven't I shared my knowledge, experience and expert opinion with the masses before now? It is time to blog!


So where to start? No need to qualify myself as this has just been covered so lets get straight to a subject close to my heart! The feeling of being fit and healthy. There are many reasons to be fit and healthy but when it is all said and done my number one reason why everyone should exercise, eat well and balance their lifestyle is that it ‘feels fantastic’.


When you are genuinely fit (throwing a ball for the dog for 20min three times per week is not fit) and healthy (eating a lettuce leaf with your daily hamburger & chips is not healthy) you simply feel good about yourself. You feel energised to take part in life, you feel proud of yourself for looking good, you think and concentrate with more clarity for longer, you sleep better, you deal with stress much better and you can literally do more and experience more in life (why wait 2hrs for the lift on the Eiffel tower when you can walk up the 30 floors now).




But above all fit, healthy & well people are without doubt happier!


I could open a whole 'can of worms' and give you my view on long term over weight & obese people but lets just say that if you are severely unfit and overweight it is impossible to reach your potential personal satisfaction and happiness in life! If you tell me "BUT I am truly happy" a) I don't believe you and b) get fit and then tell me if you feel better or the same?


As a follow on to this unfit & overweight people who make the transition to fit, healthy & well people experience a sense of satisfaction and personal pride that many will never know.


The bottom line is if you are overweight and feel life is just not what it should or could be than the solution lies with you! Get up, get fit, eat well, ask for help and feel what you have been missing! Like everything in life it is always your choice!

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